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Adopted Proposals Map Published February 2012

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To find your way to all the villages and areas of major development in the district, please use the drop down list below.


Adopted LDF Policies
Important Countryside Frontage (Policy CH/7)County Wildlife Site (Policy NE/7) Conservation Area (Policy CH/5)
Site of Special Scientific Interest (Policy NE/7) Scheduled Ancient Monument (Policy CH/2)Protected Village Amenity Area (Policy CH/6)
Lordsbridge Restricted Area (Policy SF/8)Lordsbridge Consultation Area 1 (Policy SF/8)Lordsbridge Consultation Area 2 (Policy SF/8)
Historic Parks & Gardens (Policy CH/1) Local Nature Reserve (Policy NE/7) County Wildlife Site (Policy NE/7)
Special Policy Area (Policies CE/32, CH/10, CH/11, NS/11(8), SP/5, SP/8, SP/9, SP/10, SP/11, SP/14, SP/17 & SP/19)Longer Term Strategic Reserve for Residential Development and Related Local Services (Policy NS/3(g))Country Park (Policies CE/21(1) and CSF/5(1a))
Employment Allocation (Policies SP/12 & SP/13)Employment Commitment (Policies SP/12 & SP/13)Established Employment Area (Policy ET/3)
Housing Allocation (Policies SP/1, SP/2, SP/6 & SP/7)) Improved Landscaping (Policies CSF/5 (1b-e) & CSF/5 (2f-m))Major Developed Site in the Green Belt (Policy GB/4)
Major Development Site (Policies CE/3, CSF/3, NS/3 & NW/4)Landscape Buffer (Policy NS/13(1)) Cambridgeshire Guided Busway (Policy SP/16)
Cambridge East Phase 1 (Policy CE/3)Development Frameworks (Policy DP/7) Green Belt (Policies ST/1, GB/1, GB/2 & GB/3)
Environment Agency Flood Zone 2: Medium Risk (Policy NE/11) (December 2009)Environment Agency Flood Zone 3: High Risk (Policy NE/11) (December 2009)
Area Action Plan Boundary
Area Action Plan Boundary
Cambridgeshire and Peterborough Minerals and Waste Plan
Site Specific Policies: Waste Water Treatment Safeguarding AreaSite Specific Policies: Waste Consultation AreaSite Specific Policies: Transport Safeguarding Area
Site Specific Policies: Mineral Consultation AreaSite Specific Policies: Area of SearchSite Specific Policies: Site Allocation
Site Specific Policies: Existing Site - Waste Water Treatment WorksSite Specific Policies: Existing Site - WasteSite Specific Policies: Existing Site - Transport Zone
Site Specific Policies: Existing Site - MineralSite Specific Policies: Existing Site - Mineral and WasteMineral Safeguarding Area: Chalk
Mineral Safeguarding Area: Sand and Gravel
Area Outside SCDC BoundarySouth Cambridgeshire District Boundary
Saved Local Plan 2004 Policies
Special Policy Area (Policy CNF6)
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